Inclement, Iowa is a special place, with (mostly) ordinary, small-town folks living and working there, and a little bit of magic sprinkled around the edges.   All of Tracy Lovett's stories (and stories-in-process) happen there, or nearby.  She has published eight of them, so you can bring a little bit of Inclement into your own home. Most of the books are for younger children (and adults) who enjoy fun stories about children and animals that are illustrated with beautiful art and photography.  One of the stories, Buck's Rodeo, is for gifted 12 year olds and up.  It's a novel all about Inclement past and present, featuring some familiar characters from the children's books.  You can check them all out below  Click on the images to learn more about each book and and to make Inclement Tales a part of your home library.  
This was my FIRST story, and one inspired by my own children.  Meet Zack and his dog Flash, and learn about ladybugs.  This book uses art illustrations as well as close-up photography to tell the tale! Perfect for very young readers and anyone who loves children's books.  
Hunting Spiders takes over where Ladybugs ends.  Zack and Flash are looking for something NEW to photograph today, and together with Zack'a friend Walt, they find spiders!  Full of art and great macro photographs, this book touches upon fear of spiders and how spiders get their food.  Great for pre-k and up, or anyone who is either afraid of spiders, or finds them fascinating. 
Meet Soda Pop, a cat living in Inclement, Iowa, who hates Halloween.  But why?  Soda is a sleek black cat, and he should LOVE Halloween, right?  Well, it could have something to do with all the costumes his daffy owner dresses him up in to celebrate the spooky holiday!  Told from the point of view of snarky Soda and illustrated with art and photos, this book always makes pre-k and up laugh!
Snow Angels is a single poem, all about the magic of playing in the snow.  It's filled with beautiful art and gorgeous photographs of deep winter in Southwest Iowa.  Enchantment abounds in the frozen landscape, making everyone remember what it's like to have snow crunching under their boots and their breath pluming out into the crisp air.  Pre-K through adult will love this perfect winter tale. 
Sylvia McBye is a little girl who won't give up, NO MATTER WHAT.  She wants to fly, and she won't stop until she figures out a way to make her dream come true.  This story is a wonderful, rhythmic tale all about the importance of persistence, hard work, and friendship, perfect for Pre-K, Elementary students, and beyond. 
Soda Pop is back in this story all about his love for YOU on Valentine's Day.  He moves throughout the house, wreaking lovely havoc wherever he goes all to show his affection.  This story is told by Soda Pop himself in his sarcastic cat-voice and is perfect for Elementary students and all cat-loving adults.  It's illustrated in funny photographs and great art, perfect for the one you love. 
Where do you go in Inclement if you've outgrown the books above?  You head out to the beach on the edge of Lake Inclement and listen to stories about Inclement's past, and about Buck's Rodeo.  Told by an old man who lived through it, the tale of Buck's Rodeo is perfect for an evening spent around the fire with your friends, the lake water lapping the shore in the darkness.  

Zack and Flash will be there, as well as Walt and Paxton, and new friend, Carpenter Clondyke.  They hear all about this jagged piece of local history most of the townspeople would just as soon forget.  And as the story unfolds, they realize that perhaps Buck's Rodeo isn't over yet.  Maybe, just maybe, it's still happening.  There's mystery here, and some small, shining bits of magic.  There's a dead father in the mix as well, and a lost love, and one heck of a fire out in the woods.  
This story is written for people around the ages of 12 and up--depends upon the person, you see.  Adults seem to love it as well, so don't let the fact that 12 year olds read it sway you--childhood has its wisdom.  It comes in at over 400 pages, but it isn't Shakespeare, so don't let that stop you either.  Mostly, it's just a good read.  And there's another book in the works to continue the tale--The Western Radio Hub.  Keep your eyes out for that one in the future. 

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