Writing and illustrating is one of my greatest joys!  It is so empowering to create my own world, to have all the power, to make fun things happen to my characters, and even have them go through serious, scary, or sad situations too!  I've put together a Creator Project to enable children and adults to become World Creators.  It is an evolving project, but I have lots of printable pdfs for educators and individuals to download to get them started creating their own universe of stories. This is a great tool for children and adults of all interests, but I think it is particularly effective for imaginative kids who find "traditional" writing assignments stale and uninteresting. I want anyone who creates their world to be empowered in their own realm.  They are the BOSS.  Kingdoms rise and fall beneath the lead of their pencil.  Galaxies are birthed and destroyed.   Treasures are won and lives lost.  And they get there by building their universe from the ground up, designing their galaxy, their solor system, their world, their town, their characters using open-ended sheets that have lots of space for drawing, notes, and doodles.   The secret weapon of any writer, of making them a POWERFUL writer, is the Backstory, and that is exactly what these ideas and the accompanying materials are made to generate.  

These are free of charge, but if you like what you read, and feel that it is making a difference in your own creative life or that of your students and children, please consider picking up one (or more!) of my Inclement Tales, or even start a movement in your community to have me do a school visit in your town.  I work with all age groups, and I would love to lead them in a Worlds and Words Creation Day in person! Please read through the pdf summary if you are an interested adult, parent, or educator.  I've found that this even improves the creation skills of high school students and adults who want to feel more empowered in creating their own writing and art.  It is a great program to set up as a writing center in your classroom, or a wonderful activity to do with your kids over the course of a summer.  I hope to eventually author an entire book about World Creation, and when I do, it will be here!  Thanks for checking this out, and remember, creativity is what enables us to manage everything life throws at us.  It is a vital part of being a human.  
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