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Sand Castles
​Every summer in Inclement Iowa, the fourth is celebrated just as it is in every other American town; food, swimming, parades, and fireworks.  But at Inclement, we also have the annual Sandcastle building tournament down on the beach. Every year goes about the same. People get together for a day of hot gritty building and at the end of it all, the Mayor awards the team with the best sculpture a place in the annals of Inclement history, and their picture in the paper.  But in 2013 things took a stormy and mysterious turn.

Click the orange rectangle above to read the first installment in the short story The Great Sandcastle Building Tournament of 2013.  Feel free to read and share. For personal or classroom use only.

You'll find illustrations as-yet-to-be-published book below, with more to be added as they are completed.

This story is perfect for ages 12 and up and for anyone who wants to experience a little bit of Inclement magic!
The Kids
The Tourists
MapMan Stan
All photos courtesy Tess Marshall